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Understand, engage, acquire and retain the people who matter most - your customers and your people. Get closer to your key target groups with us.

The success of a business largely depends on an engaged, motivated and well-trained workforce. Successful selling requires an on-going, positive dialogue with relevant key target groups.

At Grass Roots Switzerland we can help you interact with your employees, sales partners and customers with solutions that are based on people’s actual needs.

Turning knowledge into impact
We use the latest systems and processes to determine your precise requirements and help you  to optimise the potential in your relationships with your key target groups in order to  enhance your profile, keep them informed on relevant issues, engage with them  and reward them effectively.

We make it our business to create bespoke, intelligent and cost- effective solutions that are tailored to your corporate culture and brand values – based on innovative online platforms, effective dialogue tools and professional project management.



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