Target groups
Addressing different audiences
Employees, sales partners and customers each  require their own dedicated approach and incentives.

To effectively motivate and create long lasting relationships specific approaches must be adopted for each major target group.

For example, channel partners need to be allies, so it is essential to create a positive sense of competitive camaraderie within the sales team. Our incentives not only motivate your top sellers but also inspire the middle range performers. These incentives are based on easily comprehensible targets that can be directly influenced by each individual, with a transparent method of assessment.

Reward and recognition is a tried-and-tested method of improving the performance and loyalty of an individual and a team. Key to the success of this process is clearly defined goals and rules, personalised communication and direct, open recognition.

And loyalty requires constant dialogue. Our successful customer loyalty schemes include three particular criteria: a high level of acceptance, consistent integration into the existing marketing mix and on-going monitoring of the outcome.


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