Using knowledge effectively
Just finding out what needs to be done will not bring about change. We work with you on making the very best use of our findings.

Our training sessions and interactive workshops will support your employees in analysing their customer service performance. Depending on your objectives, we can develop specially blended learning solutions that are a combination of on-site seminars and distance-learning modules.

E-learning facilitates knowledge transfer with the highest possible degree of flexibility. No matter where their location, your employees can allocate whatever time they have available to learn about  your company  values and philosophy  and how this affects customer relationships.

Customer experience analysis
Check and Reflect® combines concrete feedback from the customer’s perspective on a case-by-case basis with follow on individual coaching. Specially trained mystery shoppers initially interact with your employees and evaluate the previously defined requirement or sales scenario. For your employees to get the most out of the experience, they will then receive open feedback on their strengths and weaknesses immediately after the event.

In training them to represent your company values, employees will be given the skills to enable them to maximise their service potential and guidance on how it can be implemented in their everyday work.


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