Developing knowledge in a targeted way
Understanding your customers’ attitudes and what motivates them  is the basis for any effective strategy to boost sales.

What drives a customer’s behaviour?

Understanding your customers’ needs, expectations and basic decision drivers is the basis for all improvement measures – from product development and boosting sales to customer loyalty programmes.

We can support you in gaining this valuable knowledge through our unique research methods, which are adapted specifically to the questions you need answered.

Our approach focuses on four areas:
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys – qualitative and quantitative customer loyalty and satisfaction research.
  • Mystery shopping – checking the implementation of processes and quality standards in direct customer interaction.
  • Customer profiling – qualitative and quantitative market segmentation with current and potential target group analysis.
  • Customer insights – qualitative brand and motivational research.
Our analysis forms the basis for:
  • On-going internal and external benchmarking.
  • Training and employee development measures.
  • Quality development, process optimisation and strategic planning.


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