Saying “Thank you” effectively
Recognition is the cornerstone of  motivation.
We will give this the priority it deserves in your corporate culture.

Loyalty, commitment and trust are all ways of expressing confidence in a company and identifying with its aims and values.

Grass Roots designs and implements Reward & Recognition programmes for just this purpose – bringing you successful and cost-effective solutions for on-going success and lasting emotional loyalty of both your employees and external partners.

Full or modular support
Dependent on your requirements and existing systems, we can tailor our support to complement your existing system or develop a stand-alone reward programme  

Grass Roots ‘Reward Modules’ can be implemented as either an individual Web tool or as part of Helix 3, our online reward and recognition platform. These modules are:
  • Global Options:
    a multifunctional online reward catalogue.
  • Wincentive:
    an incentive/reward/learning solution with integrated web games.
  • Pure Card:
    the VISA/debit/top-up card as an innovative reward tool.


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